Chocolate Easter Bark

What is better than chocolate? Uhhh chocolate with more chocolate and candy in it that’s what! Actually you can even add pretzels or nuts or take walk on the wild side and add dried cranberries…mmmm cranberries and chocolate πŸ˜‹

This bark is so fun and versatile you can make for any holiday or occasion.  Just change up the colours of your additions to suit your theme πŸ‘πŸΌ I used a post on Sally’s Baking Addiction as my guideline and my inspiration. 

I used both white and regular (semi-sweet)chocolate. I’m not a white chocolate fan but when it’s mixed with regular chocolate I can get into it. 

You can decide which layer you want which type of chocolate. I like the white chocolate on top because it’s a great background for the candies and makes the coulours of them really pop 😊

Prepare a baking sheet with parchment paper or silicone mat. Melt the the semi-sweet chocolate either in the microwave or using a double boiler. If you’re using the microwave I would use 50% power and intervals of 30 seconds for stirring until it’s fully melted. Pour the melted chocolate on your prepared baking sheet and spread out the chocolate with an offset spatula. Don’t fuss with getting a perfect rectangle because the will be broken up after anyways πŸ€— make sure not to spread it too thin maybe about 1/16″ thick. 

Place the baking sheet in the fridge to set the chocolate. Very important the chocolate sets before you put on the next layer of chocolate or you’ll end up with the two mixing…which actually could make a cool marble effect if that’s what your going! 

Once your first layer is set, melt the white chocolate the same way. Pour the white melted chocolate over the semi-sweet chocolate layer and spread it out to the edge of the first layer. 

At this point you can sprinkle your funness! Smarties, mini eggs, non-pareils, confetti etc. I crushed (well actually smashed them in a baggie with my rolling pin 😬) my mini eggs as they seemed a little big and it gave a more contrasting look. 

Place the tray in the fridge to completely set and in about 30 minutes, you can take them out and break them into whatever size pieces you like. I keep my uneaten pieces…wait I don’t have any uneaten pieces 😳 well if you do, keep them in a airtight container in the fridge πŸ€—

Until next time…keep it creative!


Easter Egg Cookie Boxes

Let the Easter baking begin! 

I love making treats for my little Crumbs and Easter provides me the perfect reason to go crazy with all the creations I have stocked up in my head for 3 monthsπŸ€—

What could be better than Easter Egg cookies? Easter Egg Cookie Boxes filled with candy and chocolate!!!

These take a little time and patience (mostly for decorating) so if you have any of those to spare than these are a must!

The only cookie cutters you need are an egg and a small circle. You can use any sugar cookie recipe you like, vanilla or chocolate. Each cookie box is made up 4 cookies, so when deciding on a recipe just check how many cookies you’ll most likely get. For example the recipe I use makes approximately 36 cookies so I can make about 9 cookie boxes. 

Cut out all your cookies as the whole egg and bake them. 

As soon as they come out of the oven and are still on the baking sheet, cutout a circle in the lower half on the egg. Remember for every 2 whole egg cookies you need 2 egg cookies with the circle cutout. Don’t worry if your cookie cracks or breaks a little. The cookie is still soft so just close the crack or break up. See the pic below…small break that I just pushed closed with my fingers but be careful as the cookies are hot!

After you’ve made the cutouts leave the cookies on the baking sheet to cool a little before you move them to a rack (maybe about 5 min) to completely cool.

While you’re waiting for the cookies to cool, prepare your royal icing in whichever colours you like. I like pink, yellow, purple and white especially for Easter.

And now the assembling! Start with a full egg cookie and pipe royal icing all the way around the border. Next place a cut out egg cookie on top making sure you have the shapes of the two cookies lined up. Then pipe royal icing all the way around the cutout cookie and place another cut out cookie on top. You have completed the first cookie box!! The top (lid) cookie is not attached but you can decorated however you like. 

I did some with Easter coloured non-pareils super easy. To get a nice even coat of sprinkles, I place my freshly iced cookie in a bowl and pour the sprinkles all over. The cookie is completely covered and the sprinkles surround it until he bowl. Then pick up your cookie and tip it to let he excess sprinkles fall back in the bowl. If you want to get fancy with your piping, just look up some Easter egg colouring pages and you’ll find lots simple designs you can do. 

Fill you boxes with candies and chocolate and it’s a treat that keeps on giving because after the treats inside are done, the boxes can eaten too!!

More Easter treats to come so until next time…keep it creative!

Fondant Make up

How do you accessorize a Chanel Bag cake? With fondant make up of course! 

I’m not an expert in make up by any means…stay at home mom over here…BB cream and lip gloss if I’m feeling at home fancy πŸ™ƒ  Make up made out of fondant now that is something I do know very well.

This was super fun to make and if you can use cookie cutters then it’s relatively easy! The colours were pretty much chosen by whatever leftovers I had from previous creations and lucky for me they went very well together. 

Eyeshadow Palette

Roll out some black fondant, enough to make 2 squares and about 1/8″ thick. Using a square cookie cutter cut out the first square. Using a piping tip (big opening end) cut out 4 circles for the eyeshadow colours to go. With a brush dipped in a little water, lightly wet an area on the rolled out black fondant for the second square. Carefully lift the first square with the circle cutouts and place it on the damp fondant area. With the same square cookie cutter, cutout the second square (which is under the first square). This way the 2 squares are aligned perfectly πŸ€— 

For colours, roll out the different coloured fondant and using the same piping tip, cutout the circles and place them in the palette. I brushed a little silver luster dust on each colour to give that shimmer eyeshadow has in real life. Now how easy was that?! 

Foundation and Blush

Ok so I don’t really know if the correct thing is foundation or concealer but whatever it is that’s what it is πŸ˜’ And I also don’t know if it’s blush or bronzer so you do you and I’ll do me…foundation and blush 😏

Again using cookie cutters, roll out black fondant and cutout a square and a circle. For the foundation, cutout a slightly smaller inner circle and for the blush, cutout a slightly smaller square. Use the same method as the eyeshadow palette to make the base for each. Using the same slightly small cookie cutters, cutout a circle in beige fondant and a square in pink fondant. I used gold lustre dust for the shimmer on these palettes. Again easy peasy lemon squeasy πŸ™‚


Rolling a piece of black fondant wit my hands, I formed a cylinder the width of  an average lipstick. Flattening the bottom end on my table and slightly tapering it so it could stand on it’s own. Making another cylinder with a smaller piece of red fondant, I sliced off one end on an angle. I wrapped the other end with a thinly rolled out piece of gray fondant cut out into a small triangle and attached with a tiny bit of water. Again using a little water, I attached the red lipstick to the black piece. 

With some silver lustre dust mixed with a drop or two of lemon extract, I made an edible paint to brush on the gray part of the lipstick to give it a metallic look. Only after every was done do I realize perhaps I should have made the lipstick cover πŸ™„ 

Make up Brush

The handle is black fondant rolled into a fat medium size cylinder. The ends naturally round but I cut off one end so it’s flat. Using a small ball of grey fondant I made short cylinder the same width as the handle and I attached it to the flat end with a little water. I like a big brush head so I used rolled some beige fondant into a big ball and gradually tapered one end with a little rolling so it was like a rounded triangle if that makes sense πŸ€” and then attached on the grey fondant piece. 

The details on the brush made with a bamboo skewer that I dragged thru the beige fondant to make it look like bristles. On the grey fondant I used a pizza slicer to make the 3 lines. With some edible paint I gave the bristles a more realistic look. 

And that’s how to make edible make up! Although it’s usually kept as a keepsake πŸ™ƒ 

Until next time…keep it creative!

Chanel Bag Cake

“A girl should be two things: classy and fabulous” – Coco Chanel

And so should a cake! My cousin Leilah was turning 30 and her mom, my aunt, asked if I could do a cake for her. I always wanted to do a handbag cake and felt I was ready…when preparation meets opportunity…Oprah moment!!

The fondant makeup was one of the most funnest things I’ve ever made! Yes I know ‘funnest’ isn’t a word but I hang out with 3 monkeys 5 years old and under all day so I’m allowed 😜

The bag was carved out of an 8″ round 2 layer cake which I filled and crumb coated with buttercream frosting. I trimmed about 1″ off the top and 1 1/2″ off the bottom of the “bag” because your bag would roll off the cake board πŸ˜•

After covering the cake with white fondant, I wanted to created a quilted pattern. Well I don’t have an arsenal of fondant tools and embosser thingys, so I used a small square metal  cookie  cutter. Starting in the centre of the bag, I pressed the cutter into the fondant just enough to indent but not to cut through. Then I lined up one side of the cutter with one of indentation lines already made and continued until the front, back and sides were all quilted. As a finishing touch after the bag was completely assembled, I added silver balls in the corners of the squares made.

Next was the black piping…great for covering up imperfections of a first time cake bag maker. 🀐 I took some black fondant and was rolling it out trying to get uniform, consistent…pipes? No idea if that’s a handbag designer’s term but it’s mine! Then I came up with an idea and I went rummaging through the monkeys’ playroom bins. I finally found  my piping solution…cue the golden light from above and angels singing…The Play Doh extruder!!! (once again unsure about the term) You know the thing you put the clay in and push through and it comes out like spaghetti and has a template for different sizes. So I cleaned it out of any remanants and gave it an antibacterial wiping and then washed it. Once it was completely dry I put my fondant through and voila!! Perfect pipes!! I attached them on with a little water applied with my paintbrush and it looked awesome 😁

The flap is black fondant rolled out into a rectangle and I used an upside down round baking pan as a guide and used my pizza cutter on one side to get the rounded look. I took my stitching tool or you can butter knife to make “stitches” about 1/2″ in from the edge of the flap. Place the flap over the top of the bag. You can play with how long you want it to hang, for this bag I kept it pretty even on both sides. 

For the handle, a thick piece of black fondant rolled out and wrapped around a glass to shape the curve. Push a toothpick    halfway in each end of the handle so you can attach it to the rest of the bag securely when it’s time to assemble. Let it dry overnight in this position. Hmmmm I probably should have mentioned earlier this part is made in advance 😳 actually I do make many of the elements of my cakes in advance and store them in airtight containers separated by parchment paper. It makes the cake assembly day much smoother 😊

As for the logo, you could go with anything you like or a bow or leave it as is! If you would like to do a logo, print out the one you want to the size you need. I place my printout right out my rolled out fondant and using a pen (with the cover on) trace out the logo so it leaves an impression on the fondant. Then I remove the paper and cut out the logo with an exacto knife. If you wait about 10-15 minutes before you cut, it reduces the amount of tearing and gives a cleaner looking cut. I of course didn’t learn this little tip until after I made this cake…just keep learning, just keep learning 🎢

Phew!!! And that is the classy and fabulous Chanel bag πŸ’ƒπŸ½

The fondant makeup I will post another time because this is a blog not an online book πŸ™ƒ

Until next time…keep it creative!

Burger Cupcakes

Where’s the beef?? Well there’s no beef in these burgers just delicious cupcakes! Ok the fries in the pic are actually fries but when I do these cupcakes again I am totally making sugar cookie fries πŸ™ƒ

The “buns” are vanilla cupcakes. I use a standard muffin tin for my cupcakes so they’re not overly big. These burger cupcakes are quite tall once assembled so unless you’re making them for someone who is an absolute cupcake fiend, standard size is just perfect πŸ‘ŒπŸ½I try and horizontally slice the cupcakes so the top and bottom are the same height but sometimes I have to trim a little extra off the bottom one to even them out and sometimes I trim just so I can eat some 😳

I brush a little water on the top “bun” with a pastry brush and sprinkle some sesame seeds. I think you can get candied sunflower seeds at a specialty store but really I don’t have time for specialty sunflower seed shopping πŸ˜’

For the burger, I slice my chocolate cupcakes into thirds. I trim the top third to eat, wait what? I mean to make it flat 😐

With the condiments I play around with different ways to create them. The ketchup and mustard are red and yellow  buttercream frosting. I frost the bottom bun with “ketchup” and then place the “burger” on top, and then frost the burger with “mustard”. I make sure both the ketchup and mustard ooze out so it’s visible. 

The lettuce I make two different types. One uses green buttercream frosting which is piped on the outer edge of the bottom bun.

The other lettuce is made from shredded coconut coloured with green food colouring, and sprinkled on the “mustard”buttercream making sure some is peeking out. 

These cupcakes are the perfect dessert at a BBQ or even game night. Speaking of BBQ, stay tuned for my next post on my BBQ grill cupcakes!

Until next time…keep it creative!

Winter wonderland Cake

Ok so now I’m the queen of broken promises πŸ˜• I forgot to take pics of the elements of the cake…arrrrrgh!! Deep breath in…and I’m back πŸ™πŸ½

Even though I don’t have anything to show as I went along , I can still detail what I used to make up the different creations that went into the cake…which was a huge hit at the Sweet 16 party!

When I think of winter wonderland I see snowflakes, silver, icicles and snow covered trees in my sugarplum head. I also think of the movie Frozen due to the fact I’ve had to hear my twin monkeys sing “Let It Go” for the past 2 years 😩 so the colour of fondant was Elsa inspired. 

I wanted different styles of snowflakes, some delicate, some traditional and some whimsical. Fondant and royal icing were going to be my BFFs for these creations. 

The larger snowflakes I simply rolled out white fondant about 1/8″ and used my snowflake cookie cutter. For a couple of snowflakes, my piping tips were used to cutout holes for the design of the snowflake. If you’re challenged in the imagination/creative department, just search the internet for simple snowflake designs. ❄️❄️❄️

A couple snowflakes I scored lines using a wooden skewer. It helps to let the fondant sit about 10 minutes to slightly harden so when you drag the skewer to make the lines you get cleaner lines and no jaggedy ( is that a word?) edges. 

Using snowflake templates I printed, I place waxed paper over them and piped out snowflakes with Royal Icing. Icing consistency should be 20 second icing and the piping tip that worked best for me was #3. They have to dry overnight and they are super delicate so handle carefully and minimally when transferring and placing on the cake 😬 If you want to add silver balls to the snowflakes, add them while the icing is wet. 

The silver snowflakes were coloured with silver food spray. If you’re using food spray make sure you do it outside, or garage or basement. Let’s just say I learned this the harder way and for about an hour after I finished my monkeys kept asking why the air everywhere was so sparkly πŸ™„

The snow covered trees were made from fondant which I formed into cones of different sizes…because not all trees are the same height and that would look super weird if they were πŸ€” Using my kitchen scissors, I snipped the cones starting at the top and worked around and down making triangles to look like leaves. Although pine trees don’t have leaves…whatever! With a pastry brush the trees were sprinkled with water and then put in a bowl where white sugar crystals were dumped all over them…like an avalanche! But pretty results not destruction ☺️

The snowman was made similarly to the trees using fondant and white sugar crystals and then made a hat and scarf from some leftover fondant. β˜ƒοΈ

The final decorations to this cake was born from the idea of icicles that look like ice not the typical white icing. I had to play around with a different stages of candy making to find the right one that I could bend around the cake. Now that type of candy is the one to make your dentist have a conniption 😀 It’s the soft ball stage (I used a candy thermometer) and the candy is totally edible…once you pick it off your teeth πŸ™„ It’s a simple combination of water and sugar in a pot on the stove. Once it was at soft ball stage I poured lines across a silicone mat lined baking sheet and tilted the baking sheet to get drip lines. This has to be done fairly quick as the candy starts to harden and will no longer run down. 

For finishing touches, I wet the bottom tier of each cake and grabbed a handful of white sugar crystals and pressed them on…that was super messy! A sheet of parchment paper would’ve been very helpful, so I could’ve just picked it up and poured the fallen sugar back into a bowl to use again…ah the learning curve when you’re self taught (tiny sigh)

 I also sprinkled some white sugar crystals…I should really abbreviate that to WSC πŸ˜’…on top of the cake. If you haven’t guessed the WSC represent snow. If the cake is being taken to another location I would wait until it’s final destination to sprinkle the WSC on top…yet another learning moment…the wind blew off most of them between my car and the venue 😟 

Hope it all made sense or that you have a wicked imagination to follow along! 

My dad’s birthday was shortly after this so I’ll be posting the Vegetable Garden Cake I did soon 🌽πŸ₯•πŸ…

Until then keep it creative!

Vegetable Garden Cake

My dad loves to work on his garden from spring to fall. He grows the most amazing tomatoes and butternut squash. What could be better than eating fresh vegetables right from the garden?? Uh eating vegetables made out of candy on a cake that’s what!!

Whenever I make a cake for someone in my family, I always like to find a way to represent part of who they are in my creations. For my dad it’s his love for his vegetable garden πŸ™‚

Oh my gourd where do I start?! 

I guess from the ground up 😊 This was a square chocolate cake which I frosted in its entirety with green coloured vanilla buttercream. Using my grass tip, I piped the border of the whole cake and then sectioned areas for my vegetables. It helps to lay out your “veggies” to decide how big the sections should be. I just used the square baking pan to plan my garden πŸ™ƒ

The “dirt” is chocolate cookie crumbs and they smell soooooooo awesome I could eat it with a spoon…but I didn’t! The cookie crumbs go on right after the buttercream so it sticks to the cake a bit. If you use a spoon to put the crumbs on, you won’t ended with “dirt” in your “grass”. To get the trowel lines, run a fork through the crumbs. Having the lines run in different directions in each section makes it look more interesting and realistic.


All the vegetables are made out of fruit chews! I figured my monkeys would have a lot more fun eating candy than fondant.  Give the red fruit chews a few seconds in the microwave to soften them up before shaping the veggies.

For the tomatoes, roll them in your hands to make small balls. I piped green buttercream with a small star tip on top of each of them. With a No. 1 piping tip I wrapped toothpicks with the green buttercream because tomatoes grow from vines and I’m a little neurotic when it comes to design 😢

The peas are green fruit chews rolled into 3 balls and wrapped into a green fruit chew rolled out into a circle. Give the ends a pinch to close them up.

Using the orange fruit chews, shape the carrots into cones and score and few lines with a butter knife down the front of the carrot. Make a small hole with a toothpick on the wider end of the cone. The green hair on the carrots…I don’t know what that part is called because I’m typing at midnight and my brain shut down about 3 hours ago 😢…the green fruit chews are rolled up into small balls and then smushed with my finger. Snip some strands on one end and push the other end in the hole. 

The corn is shaped into cones like the carrots using the yellow fruit chews and to make the “kernels” I ran a pizza cutter in vertical and horizontal lines. I made a ball out of the green fruit chews and rolled it out into a circle big enough to wrap around the corn.

The lettuce is a green fruit chew rolled into a ball and then layered with rolled out circles.

The butternut squash I made by rolling the orange fruit chews into a short, fat cylinder. Then I elongated one end with my fingers and tapering it slightly. I tapped the fatter end a bit on the table to get it a little flat. Using my green buttercream and small star tip, I piped leaves but now as I type I’m thinking does squash have leaves? πŸ€” 

The fence I put together using my monkeys craft sticks. As a finishing touch I piped leaves with the leaf piping tip, which I can’t remember the number right now, in between the fence slats. 

So many vegetables so many possibilities when making a garden cake! You could add a scarecrow or a wheelbarrow or even a shovel…oooooh now I want to make another one!! 

Next post I’ll be sharing the techniques that went into making the Chanel Bag cake with fondant makeup…until then…keep it creative!