Toddler-Friendly Xmas Tree

Wow its been a busy weekend! But the Xmas tree not tree is up and is the cat’s pajamas in this house!

I used 6 pieces of green felt and just free-handed the tree shape. I need a big tree because both monkeys need to access the tree at the same time without fighting. I hot glued the tree together and cut out a star and glued that on too. And what would a Xmas tree be without presents! So I just used scraps of felt to make a few presents for under the tree and hot glued them on. The tree needed a little sparkle. Silver pipe cleaners hot glued on in a diagonal pattern added the bling!



The best thing about this felt tree is that you don’t need any velcro or adhesive for the “ornaments” because felt sticks to felt! Woohoo!!




Freehanding the ornaments I did light, ball and candy cane shapes.


The monkeys had a blast decorating and ‘un-decorating’ their tree! Now if you have a destroyer monkey like Rania, it may be a bit challenging to keep the tree on the wall. I used double sided tape but if there was one part that was slightly unattached she went for it. You could hot glue it to cardboard and just lean it up against the wall…I’ll do it later and even after Xmas they will have something fun to play with in their playroom. All in all the tree was a success :o)

I made some Eggnog Latte Cupcakes and I’m about to pipe the frosting on. Will post the deets later and some pics too!

Enjoy your holidays and remember to keep it creative!


Adorable Diaper Motorcycle

I know I promised the Toddler-Friendly Xmas Tree but I had to go to my cousin’s baby welcome thing…you know the event people do AFTER the baby is born. I got this tutorial from Sweet Aprils Blog. Here’s how mine turned out with the help of my eldest Yasmeen!



Not bad huh? Oh come on its soooooo super cute!!!

I got pretty much everything at Walmart…except the spring form pan to make the diaper tires because I already had one ;o) I bought a 9 oz bottle for the headlight because that’s all I could find that was super cheap. I would definitely recommend the smaller bottle (4 oz) otherwise your stuffed animal will not be able to sit close enough to the “handlebars” without a lot of finagling (LOL that word looks as funny as it sounds!)

It was very easy to do and when you’re finished a little part of you doesn’t want to give it away! I put it on a cake board…or you can just cut a piece of cardboard and wrap it with wrapping paper…then cellophane it up with a nice bow and if you want to add a little extra use a ribbon to hang a pacifier from it.

I just remembered another baby thingy event that I made cupcakes for but that post will have to wait until after the Xmas tree not tree post.

Until then keep it creative!!!

Toddler-Friendly Holiday Decorations!

So the challenge today was to get in the holiday vibe at home without having my 2 little monkeys tearing down everything like the constant wrecking crew they are!

I started by putting the delicate glass ornaments on the ceiling by pinning them with stretchy jewelry cord.


Next time I would probably try something more like fishing line because this jewelry cord had to be knotted a few times so it wouldn’t unravel. And by “next time” I mean if I have another little monkey around this time next year, which my husband has made clear will only happen when the current critters are sleeping through the night…so like NEVER!!! (If you have any tips on getting twins to sleep through the night please share in the COMMENTS section)

Ok back to the decorations…

I used the white lights we usually put on the tree and put them on the bookshelves and mantle. You can`t have holiday decorations without lights right…plus its just prettier!




Then I strung to stockings on…I don`t know what you called it…a garland? and hung it around the lights on the mantle.


Its no House and Home magazine photo-shoot for the holidays but it served its purpose of making my little monkeys gasp and scream “SKAAAAA“ which for those of you who don`t speak monkey means STARS! I think they were referring to the lights lol!

Next I will tackle the tree…well not an actually tree but something the monkeys can put up and take down all they want so my family room doesn`t end up looking like a disaster caused by Mother Nature herself…although she hasn`t met R & R!

Stay tuned…

Yummy Mummy’s Blogging Debut


So where do I start?!?!

I’m a stay at home mummy of 3 girls. 

My eldest, Yasmeen, has recently entered that abyss they call Teenland at the age of 13…eeeeek!!!

Photo by Julia Pelish Photography

My youngests, Rayyan and Rania, are super busy 20 month old twin girls…double eeeeek!!!


I’m married to an amazing man, Rene, who is our breadwinner and superman.

Dynamic duo

Being a stay at home mummy for the past 20 months, I have discovered all kinds of loves besides my husband and my children. I hope to share the everyday things that give me self-satisfaction doing what I believe is the most important job I’ve ever done! From crocheting to baking to decorating to organizing to raising twins and a teen…the tribulations and tribulations lol!

Stay tuned as I decorate and bake for the holidays. I’ve had to come up with an alternative for a Xmas tree because I don’t plan on spending the holidays removing my little busybodies out of a tree every 3 minutes!!