Yummy Mummy’s Blogging Debut


So where do I start?!?!

I’m a stay at home mummy of 3 girls. 

My eldest, Yasmeen, has recently entered that abyss they call Teenland at the age of 13…eeeeek!!!

Photo by Julia Pelish Photography

My youngests, Rayyan and Rania, are super busy 20 month old twin girls…double eeeeek!!!


I’m married to an amazing man, Rene, who is our breadwinner and superman.

Dynamic duo

Being a stay at home mummy for the past 20 months, I have discovered all kinds of loves besides my husband and my children. I hope to share the everyday things that give me self-satisfaction doing what I believe is the most important job I’ve ever done! From crocheting to baking to decorating to organizing to raising twins and a teen…the tribulations and tribulations lol!

Stay tuned as I decorate and bake for the holidays. I’ve had to come up with an alternative for a Xmas tree because I don’t plan on spending the holidays removing my little busybodies out of a tree every 3 minutes!!


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