Toddler-Friendly Holiday Decorations!

So the challenge today was to get in the holiday vibe at home without having my 2 little monkeys tearing down everything like the constant wrecking crew they are!

I started by putting the delicate glass ornaments on the ceiling by pinning them with stretchy jewelry cord.


Next time I would probably try something more like fishing line because this jewelry cord had to be knotted a few times so it wouldn’t unravel. And by “next time” I mean if I have another little monkey around this time next year, which my husband has made clear will only happen when the current critters are sleeping through the night…so like NEVER!!! (If you have any tips on getting twins to sleep through the night please share in the COMMENTS section)

Ok back to the decorations…

I used the white lights we usually put on the tree and put them on the bookshelves and mantle. You can`t have holiday decorations without lights right…plus its just prettier!




Then I strung to stockings on…I don`t know what you called it…a garland? and hung it around the lights on the mantle.


Its no House and Home magazine photo-shoot for the holidays but it served its purpose of making my little monkeys gasp and scream “SKAAAAA“ which for those of you who don`t speak monkey means STARS! I think they were referring to the lights lol!

Next I will tackle the tree…well not an actually tree but something the monkeys can put up and take down all they want so my family room doesn`t end up looking like a disaster caused by Mother Nature herself…although she hasn`t met R & R!

Stay tuned…


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