Adorable Diaper Motorcycle

I know I promised the Toddler-Friendly Xmas Tree but I had to go to my cousin’s baby welcome thing…you know the event people do AFTER the baby is born. I got this tutorial from Sweet Aprils Blog. Here’s how mine turned out with the help of my eldest Yasmeen!



Not bad huh? Oh come on its soooooo super cute!!!

I got pretty much everything at Walmart…except the spring form pan to make the diaper tires because I already had one ;o) I bought a 9 oz bottle for the headlight because that’s all I could find that was super cheap. I would definitely recommend the smaller bottle (4 oz) otherwise your stuffed animal will not be able to sit close enough to the “handlebars” without a lot of finagling (LOL that word looks as funny as it sounds!)

It was very easy to do and when you’re finished a little part of you doesn’t want to give it away! I put it on a cake board…or you can just cut a piece of cardboard and wrap it with wrapping paper…then cellophane it up with a nice bow and if you want to add a little extra use a ribbon to hang a pacifier from it.

I just remembered another baby thingy event that I made cupcakes for but that post will have to wait until after the Xmas tree not tree post.

Until then keep it creative!!!


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