Mommy time treat

So once again I’ve been super busy with the monkeys and barely have time to keep in touch!

I got them both down for their nap and then realized I had not showered since the day before! Told ya I’ve been super busy! Got the grime and grit off me and came downstairs and thought what to do? You see I already managed to vacuum and clean the kitchen and playroom earlier so I had what I thought was about an hour and a half to myself.

I felt like a latte but didn’t know how to froth the milk without a frother. So I recalled a time when I in an absentminded moment shook the bottle of warm milk a little too long and what do you know it was frothy!

I made a super strong coffee that filled just about 1/3 of my mug with the kitchen love of my life…my Keurig 😊. I used my Starbucks Blonde Roast. Then I measured out my skim milk in a measuring cup and made it hot in the microwave. I was looking for something to shake it up in and decided on a sippy cup…make sure you cover the holes before shaking! I shook for about 20 seconds and voilà!! Poured my milk in my coffee, spooned the frothy milk on top and sprinkled with cinnamon…mmmm.


I cut up some strawberries and topped with some fat free whipped cream and settled in the couch for some me time 😊

That’s when it happened…the monkeys woke up!!! WTH!!!

I swear they have some weird radar that detects when I’m about to relax!

Next time I’m totally skipping the shower 😳


The monkeys are 2 years old today!!

I can’t believe it’s been 2 years since I pushed these monkeys out!! Well yes I can actually…no more than 2 hours of sleep at night makes it more than believable 😳

So here’s the little something I made to mark this celebratory event.


Pretty awesome huh???

Well luckily I have a husband who must peruse through William-Sonoma every time we see one. I found this amazing cake pan on sale! I can’t imagine anyone paying the full price of $49.95 for this…$13.99 baby! Ahhhhh yeah!


So I just had to put my icing and mixing colours skill to the work…lots of patience required but the excitement and screeching of the names of their favourite characters was so worth it!

Now I wonder if they will eat their Sesame Street friends or will I have to sign them up for therapy in years to come 😁

Wow Time Flies!

Ok so I took some time off…like 4 months and it wasn’t my decision…my monkeys are so super busy I don’t get a second to myself! You would think I should be skinny!!

R & R are coming up on 2 years old tomorrow and I made a little sumthin’ sumthin’ for them that I shall reveal tomorrow…during their nap time. But for now…nap time in progress…I must put on my Wonder Woman outfit and do some domesticating before they wake up!