Mommy time treat

So once again I’ve been super busy with the monkeys and barely have time to keep in touch!

I got them both down for their nap and then realized I had not showered since the day before! Told ya I’ve been super busy! Got the grime and grit off me and came downstairs and thought what to do? You see I already managed to vacuum and clean the kitchen and playroom earlier so I had what I thought was about an hour and a half to myself.

I felt like a latte but didn’t know how to froth the milk without a frother. So I recalled a time when I in an absentminded moment shook the bottle of warm milk a little too long and what do you know it was frothy!

I made a super strong coffee that filled just about 1/3 of my mug with the kitchen love of my life…my Keurig 😊. I used my Starbucks Blonde Roast. Then I measured out my skim milk in a measuring cup and made it hot in the microwave. I was looking for something to shake it up in and decided on a sippy cup…make sure you cover the holes before shaking! I shook for about 20 seconds and voilà!! Poured my milk in my coffee, spooned the frothy milk on top and sprinkled with cinnamon…mmmm.


I cut up some strawberries and topped with some fat free whipped cream and settled in the couch for some me time 😊

That’s when it happened…the monkeys woke up!!! WTH!!!

I swear they have some weird radar that detects when I’m about to relax!

Next time I’m totally skipping the shower 😳


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