Monkeying around for lunch

The monkeys are getting busier by the second and meal time is no exception! Getting them to stay in their seats to complete a meal is like doing The Amazing Race with all the running around I do coming up with new things to keep them entertained!

So usually they watch a show during lunchtime but they have gotten lazy to feed themselves and that means mommy has the fork-in-the-eye painstaking task of feeding both of them!

I had to come up with food that looked fun to hold and eat…and what is more fun than food on a stick!

My first test at this novel idea was PB&J and banana…add in an apple flower design…


It was like a whole new mealtime world came into existence! The monkeys loved this mommy masterpiece!

So the next day I tried grilled cheese sandwiches and cucumber…


I couldn’t believe they were actually eating cucumber which usually elicits the overused “No want it” phrase! 😳

Sometime next week I think I will delve into a more deconstructed approach and skewer a sandwich in its distinctive parts…bread, lettuce, cheese, tomato, bread…when cutting the cheese make sure it’s a decent cube size so it doesn’t split when you put it on the stick!
If you can’t tell, I used chopsticks as skewers as the regular wooden skewers would be too sharp and dangerous for my little monkeys.
Fruit kebabs is another great way to get the normally rejected nutrition into them 😊
Even pasta like tortellini would work too with a small side bowl of marinara sauce because dipping is another favourite mealtime sport!

Keep it creative until we meet again!


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