Mmmm Cupcakes…No Eating These!

So another one of my cousins is having baby and the baby shower is coming up. I had already made the Diaper Motorcycle for my other cousin so I didn’t to repeat that…I wouldn’t want anyone to think its my “go-to” gift!

I think most people, especially in the family, know I love to make cupcakes and I love making my own gifts. Well the food is already taken care of so the creative juices are flowing once again. I had seen on the Internet cupcakes made from different baby items and I’ve always wanted to make them. Knock knock…that was opportunity at my crafty door! 🚪

I decided to do a Bath-time Theme because as a mom of twins I know how much this stuff gets used! Although my cousin is having one baby, she is in for a whole world of mess that washcloths and bibs will be her BFF faster than a newborn can spit up! 😳

They were so easy to assemble and looked so cute! I bought a 10 pack of washcloths, an 8 pack of baby socks (I know socks don’t have anything to do with the bath but I needed something smaller than a washcloth!), a 5 pack of bibs, and ribbon. I already had pipe cleaners and Pom Poms and my handy dandy glue gun.

Now I noticed as I perused the web that cupcakes using baby socks always used one sock per cupcake. Seriously I doubt my cousin is going to want to go on a search for matching socks…especially after all the unravelling I’ll be forcing her to do so she pack the washcloths, bibs and socks away! 😜

I kept the pairs together and just put them at opposite ends so the cuffed end wouldn’t be too thick.


Then I rolled them up and secure them with clear tape.


Next I folded the washcloth so it was a little thinner than the socks.


Placing the socks at one end of the washcloth, I rolled them up and secure with clear tape.

– I tried keeping my fingers out of the shot because they’re not pretty! C’mon people I’m a mom of a tween and twin two year olds and all their demands keep me out of the nail salon! Ahhhh I feel a little better now ☺

Using this cute ribbon I found, I wrapped up the cupcake and secured with a pin…that way all the layers would have a reinforced hold. Then placed it in a cupcake liner and got the pipe cleaner and Pom Pom ready for glue gunning.




By folding the pipe cleaner in half and gluing the Pom Pom to the end with the wire exposed, it made it easier to put the “cherry on top” without risking any damage to the socks 😊

Voilà! Les petits gateaux!


As for the bib and washcloth cupcakes I shall save that for another sleepless night 😩😩😩

Stay tuned in the next coming days for that step by step but as a teaser here’s what the finished product looks like 😊



Homemade Playdough fun!

With the monkeys getting super curious with the attention span of a…well let’s just say its close to non-existent when it comes to the crap load of toys that are in the playroom 😳… I have decided that now is the perfect time to make some Playdough…from scratch!

It was actually a lot easier than I thought and the result was some awesome sit-in-one spot fun!!

Here’s the recipe I used:

2 cups flour
2 cups warm water
1 cup salt
2 tablespoons vegetable oil
1 tablespoon cream of tartar

Mix all in a pot and put the heat on low. Keep stirring until all the dough pulls away from the sides and its not sticky. You can feel when it’s like Playdough…you can use your fingers because the dough isn’t super hot.

On a clean counter take the dough out and knead it til it’s smooth and silky…wait for it to cool if you’re temperature sensitive!

Divide into balls…I did 4 but you can easily make 6 smaller ones depending on how many colours you want to make. Push your thumb halfway and put a few drops of food colouring and knead it in until the dough is all coloured.


I didn’t wear gloves and only the blue stained my hands a little…as a stay at home mummy those are the marks of my trade. For those who may have to go outside the home to work, gloves may be a good idea during the colouring process! 😉

Make sure the Playdough is stored in an airtight container so it doesn’t dry out.

At first they weren’t sure if they should eat it (which is perfectly safe but not as a meal there’s a lot of salt in this!).

Once I showed them you could pound it, roll it, take it apart they were so into it! They didn’t move from the table for 30 min which in toddler time is super super long!!


I’m thinking finger painting might be next…MIGHT BE!?