Corn on the Cob Cupcakes

I was so excited to finally put up my Baby Shower Gift blog entry because I had to wait until the Shower was done, that I didn’t get to post my fun BBQ dessert I made the day before!

Because I don’t believe in eating corn unless it’s popped, corn on the cob is NOT on my menu when I have a BBQ party! Any food that goes out looking the same way it went into your body serves absolutely no purpose 😳

So I made Corn on the Cob cupcakes! I baked up 24 vanilla cupcakes and frosted them with a cream cheese frosting.

Then working in batches of 3’s I put rows of jellybeans (combo of creamy white and yellow like peaches n’ cream corn). And the flavours of the jellybeans were Ah-maz-ing! Lemon for yellow and the creamy white was Banana Cream Pie! Yum!

Lining up the 3 cupcakes so that it looked like corn on the cob, I stuck corn holders on each of the end cupcakes.

Using yellow tootsie roll, I flattened it out into a rectangle and cut it in half. To make it look like it was melting, I pressed the edges a bit and placed my “pat of butter” on my “cob”.

They were the perfect BBQ dessert!



Rub-a-Dub Baby Shower Gift

After getting all my washcloth/bib/sock cupcakes in a row, it was time to assemble the final gift. And because we decided to throw a BBQ at our house the day before, I was scrambling the morning of the Shower to get this puppy sheep together!

I took a piece of cardboard (from the box of the umbrella we bought the day before for our deck BBQ party) and covered it with tissue paper and made a border with the ribbon I used on the sock cupcakes. I love my hot glue gun!

I used a small cardboard piece , oh my I must be tired, piece of cardboard and folded it into a box for a pedestal to put the sheep on so the sheep’s head and arms were just over the bath supply basket. Pinning the hooded towel to the sheep’s ears, I draped the rest over the pedestal and around the bottom of the basket. Then I placed the cupcakes around and figured out how I wanted them before hot glue gunning the paper liners down. The ones without liners I just made sure were between the liner ones to secure them from moving around.

And here is what it looked like before the cellophane went on…


In my chaos of getting the diaper bag ready, twins ready and looking for my keys 3 times 15 minutes before the Shower was to start (did I mention I had a 40 minute drive to the venue?!) I completely forgot to take a picture of the finished gift!!!

Anyhoozers, my cousin was absolutely glowing and the Shower was awesome and it was totally worth the minor freak outs 😊

Til next time keep it creative!

Update: My aunt took a picture of the Shower gift all wrapped up so here it is!


Mmmm Cupcakes Part II

Okay so I didn’t have to wait for another sleepless night, although I’ve had plenty since the last blog entry!

So the second type of Baby Shower Cupcake is made with a bib, washcloth and the pipe cleaner-Pom Pom thingy from the first cupcake type I did (scroll down and you will see what I’m referring to).

First I took a bib and folded it like so


The next part was a little tricky but in a few tries it can be done even if you’re not crafty 😊
Place a washcloth over your fist and poke it down the hole in your fist.


Then start folding the corners into the hole but make sure it’s still poofy!


Roll it up in the bib and secure the bib with a pin.

Play around with the washcloth until you get a nice poofy cupcake top. Then add the Pom Pom that’s hot glued to a piece of pipe cleaner – like the previous cupcake type- and there you have yet another type of Baby Shower Cupcake!


With this one I didn’t put it in a liner because the bib had a edge on it that made it look like a liner…and it was too fat in a regular liner. However if you want it to go in a liner you could use a coffee filter and make it fit snugly with a ribbon!

I’ll post the finished gift when I get it all put together…keep it creative!