Mmmm Cupcakes Part II

Okay so I didn’t have to wait for another sleepless night, although I’ve had plenty since the last blog entry!

So the second type of Baby Shower Cupcake is made with a bib, washcloth and the pipe cleaner-Pom Pom thingy from the first cupcake type I did (scroll down and you will see what I’m referring to).

First I took a bib and folded it like so


The next part was a little tricky but in a few tries it can be done even if you’re not crafty 😊
Place a washcloth over your fist and poke it down the hole in your fist.


Then start folding the corners into the hole but make sure it’s still poofy!


Roll it up in the bib and secure the bib with a pin.

Play around with the washcloth until you get a nice poofy cupcake top. Then add the Pom Pom that’s hot glued to a piece of pipe cleaner – like the previous cupcake type- and there you have yet another type of Baby Shower Cupcake!


With this one I didn’t put it in a liner because the bib had a edge on it that made it look like a liner…and it was too fat in a regular liner. However if you want it to go in a liner you could use a coffee filter and make it fit snugly with a ribbon!

I’ll post the finished gift when I get it all put together…keep it creative!



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