The Bachelorette Finale Cupcakes


Who got the final rose???

With the much anticipated final episode of The Bachelorette on Monday night, the cousins planned a finale party. I offered to bring dessert of course!

I made chocolate cupcakes with a chocolate frosting. I dipped the edges in red decorations sugar to give it a little bling factor.

For the roses I used watermelon Fruit Taffy. I sprinkled some sugar on my rolling surface because taffy is super sticky. I rolled out the taffy into rectangles and using my pizza slicer I cut a strip about 1/4″. The rest I cut into squares.

Rolling the strip up and pinching the bottom created the centre of the rose. Then taking the squares and pinching the two bottom corners together, I created the petals. I just attached them around the centre of the rose. I had to do a little fanning out of the petals. Placing parchment paper on a baking sheet, I put the roses in the fridge…taffy and humidity is a bad combination!

The tootsie rolls I rolled out and again with me handy dandy pizza slicer I cut out leaves…making sure I scored them down the middle with my slicer. Tootsie rolls stand up a little better in the humidity…but just a little.

I attached two leaves to the bottom of each rose and kept it all in the fridge until I was ready to serve my cupcakes.


I will warn you that if they’re left out for a while and it’s warm, you will have a taffy meltdown and the roses will slide right off your cupcakes!

As for The Bachelorette, I will keep those detailed opinions to myself; however, I believe my cupcakes were a hit which made up for the miss the finale ended up being!

Keep it creative!


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