Rehab Homemade Potato Chips

Rehab?? Yes because you will be totally addicted to these after the first bite!!

Now the first time I made these my mandolin got the better of me…well of my pinky finger 😳😁 No worries after my trip to the ER I was assured that it will grow back 😊

Ok so that was a gross way to start off this food blog entry! I promise it gets all golden and crispy after this…the potatoes of course!!

I was making chicken wings and didn’t feel like doing my usual wedges so I thought chips would be the perfect partner to my wings. I was feeding my hubby, teenage girl and the monkeys, so I used 2 russet potatoes scrubbed and unpeeled. Setting the mandolin to 1/4″ I sliced my potatoes…always use the guard people!!!

After slicing the potatoes I placed them in a bowl of cold water and heated up about an inch of peanut oil over medium heat. You can use vegetable oil or any other oil with a high smoke point…definitely not olive oil.

Now here comes the part requiring the cheapest brand of paper towel because you will use quite a bit. Laying the slices in a single layer on the paper towel and place another paper towel on top to get all the moisture off…oil and water are not friends!

Carefully place the slices in your heated oil but don’t overcrowd the pan. Flip the slice over after about a minute or two. I like to wait until I see the edges curl under slightly and the colour just starts to golden. Fry the other side for about the same time.
Remove the chips…see how they are no longer “slices” and have now been promoted to “chips”…and place in a large shallow bowl lined with, you guessed it, paper towel!

I season a little as I place batches in the bowl with some kosher salt.

These are so good on their own or with a dip. You could also season with Cajun spice or a mixture of your own favourite to change it up. There wasn’t a chip left after dinner 😊

Until next time…keep it creative!