Out of the abyss!

Oh my peas it’s been forever since I’ve been here! Last thing I remember was sharing my Rehab Potato Chips and then I fell into an abyss…well I think the medical term is called pregnant 🙃 Yes that’s right I lost my mind (what was left of it) and had another baby! A beautiful little boy who is now almost 2 1/2 years old😊 

Another monkey to the zoo has kept me super busy but of course that wasn’t enough for me I had to go make another baby…not an actual baby!! I think I would have to be committed if that happened 🤔 I took a giant leap of faith and started selling my baked treats from home! Introducing…drum roll please…

🍰 My Little Crumbs Bake Shop ðŸ°

After having baby number 4 I felt part of me got lost somewhere along the way. I was “doing” a lot but I wasn’t “feeling” a whole lot. Is there something wrong with me that I’m not getting full satisfaction and rewards from being a wife and mother? Whoa…this post just took a serious turn but hang in there around the corner is something fantastical I promise! 

Over the years and even through some of my posts, I’ve been finding my way back to a whole me without even realizing it. I was creative as a child and always loved to draw and I had a wild imagination. I’ve been creating, what I now recognize as little works of art, from my corn on the cob cupcakes to bib and sock cupcakes. And every time I’m in creative mode, something switches on inside me like a shining light of pure happiness and fulfillment. 

With the encouragement of my amazing brother and my supportive husband, I launched my Facebook page in April of this year. It has been amazing to see the positive response and the orders just started coming in! 

I have no professional training in baking or decorating. I teach myself with YouTube videos, Pinterest tutorials and, if you can believe it, actual books! The one thing I have trained myself in is the art of believing in me. I can’t remember who said it but I love this: “If you can dream it, you can achieve it”. I remind myself this every time someone places an order for something I’ve never done before (which is 99% of the time). I just figure if it’s been done before then it’s possible and I’ll make it happen 😊

I wish my brain had reminded me I used to write posts here, then I would have been taking my usual step-by-step photos of how I make the things I do. Ah well, guess there wasn’t enough room in there while trying to balance a teenager, twins, a toddler and my husband 😐 I’m going to try and remember to share the experience of my creations and perhaps someone out there can also tap into a part that got lost or never knew existed 😊

I’m working on a Winter Wonderland theme Sweet Sixteen order for a cake and cookies. As I go along I’ll post the different elements and how to do them that will come together to make a whimsical and beautiful cake, as well as the cookies. 

Until then…keep it creative!