Vegetable Garden Cake

My dad loves to work on his garden from spring to fall. He grows the most amazing tomatoes and butternut squash. What could be better than eating fresh vegetables right from the garden?? Uh eating vegetables made out of candy on a cake that’s what!!

Whenever I make a cake for someone in my family, I always like to find a way to represent part of who they are in my creations. For my dad it’s his love for his vegetable garden 🙂

Oh my gourd where do I start?! 

I guess from the ground up 😊 This was a square chocolate cake which I frosted in its entirety with green coloured vanilla buttercream. Using my grass tip, I piped the border of the whole cake and then sectioned areas for my vegetables. It helps to lay out your “veggies” to decide how big the sections should be. I just used the square baking pan to plan my garden 🙃

The “dirt” is chocolate cookie crumbs and they smell soooooooo awesome I could eat it with a spoon…but I didn’t! The cookie crumbs go on right after the buttercream so it sticks to the cake a bit. If you use a spoon to put the crumbs on, you won’t ended with “dirt” in your “grass”. To get the trowel lines, run a fork through the crumbs. Having the lines run in different directions in each section makes it look more interesting and realistic.


All the vegetables are made out of fruit chews! I figured my monkeys would have a lot more fun eating candy than fondant.  Give the red fruit chews a few seconds in the microwave to soften them up before shaping the veggies.

For the tomatoes, roll them in your hands to make small balls. I piped green buttercream with a small star tip on top of each of them. With a No. 1 piping tip I wrapped toothpicks with the green buttercream because tomatoes grow from vines and I’m a little neurotic when it comes to design 😶

The peas are green fruit chews rolled into 3 balls and wrapped into a green fruit chew rolled out into a circle. Give the ends a pinch to close them up.

Using the orange fruit chews, shape the carrots into cones and score and few lines with a butter knife down the front of the carrot. Make a small hole with a toothpick on the wider end of the cone. The green hair on the carrots…I don’t know what that part is called because I’m typing at midnight and my brain shut down about 3 hours ago 😶…the green fruit chews are rolled up into small balls and then smushed with my finger. Snip some strands on one end and push the other end in the hole. 

The corn is shaped into cones like the carrots using the yellow fruit chews and to make the “kernels” I ran a pizza cutter in vertical and horizontal lines. I made a ball out of the green fruit chews and rolled it out into a circle big enough to wrap around the corn.

The lettuce is a green fruit chew rolled into a ball and then layered with rolled out circles.

The butternut squash I made by rolling the orange fruit chews into a short, fat cylinder. Then I elongated one end with my fingers and tapering it slightly. I tapped the fatter end a bit on the table to get it a little flat. Using my green buttercream and small star tip, I piped leaves but now as I type I’m thinking does squash have leaves? 🤔 

The fence I put together using my monkeys craft sticks. As a finishing touch I piped leaves with the leaf piping tip, which I can’t remember the number right now, in between the fence slats. 

So many vegetables so many possibilities when making a garden cake! You could add a scarecrow or a wheelbarrow or even a shovel…oooooh now I want to make another one!! 

Next post I’ll be sharing the techniques that went into making the Chanel Bag cake with fondant makeup…until then…keep it creative!


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