Winter wonderland Cake

Ok so now I’m the queen of broken promises πŸ˜• I forgot to take pics of the elements of the cake…arrrrrgh!! Deep breath in…and I’m back πŸ™πŸ½

Even though I don’t have anything to show as I went along , I can still detail what I used to make up the different creations that went into the cake…which was a huge hit at the Sweet 16 party!

When I think of winter wonderland I see snowflakes, silver, icicles and snow covered trees in my sugarplum head. I also think of the movie Frozen due to the fact I’ve had to hear my twin monkeys sing “Let It Go” for the past 2 years 😩 so the colour of fondant was Elsa inspired. 

I wanted different styles of snowflakes, some delicate, some traditional and some whimsical. Fondant and royal icing were going to be my BFFs for these creations. 

The larger snowflakes I simply rolled out white fondant about 1/8″ and used my snowflake cookie cutter. For a couple of snowflakes, my piping tips were used to cutout holes for the design of the snowflake. If you’re challenged in the imagination/creative department, just search the internet for simple snowflake designs. ❄️❄️❄️

A couple snowflakes I scored lines using a wooden skewer. It helps to let the fondant sit about 10 minutes to slightly harden so when you drag the skewer to make the lines you get cleaner lines and no jaggedy ( is that a word?) edges. 

Using snowflake templates I printed, I place waxed paper over them and piped out snowflakes with Royal Icing. Icing consistency should be 20 second icing and the piping tip that worked best for me was #3. They have to dry overnight and they are super delicate so handle carefully and minimally when transferring and placing on the cake 😬 If you want to add silver balls to the snowflakes, add them while the icing is wet. 

The silver snowflakes were coloured with silver food spray. If you’re using food spray make sure you do it outside, or garage or basement. Let’s just say I learned this the harder way and for about an hour after I finished my monkeys kept asking why the air everywhere was so sparkly πŸ™„

The snow covered trees were made from fondant which I formed into cones of different sizes…because not all trees are the same height and that would look super weird if they were πŸ€” Using my kitchen scissors, I snipped the cones starting at the top and worked around and down making triangles to look like leaves. Although pine trees don’t have leaves…whatever! With a pastry brush the trees were sprinkled with water and then put in a bowl where white sugar crystals were dumped all over them…like an avalanche! But pretty results not destruction ☺️

The snowman was made similarly to the trees using fondant and white sugar crystals and then made a hat and scarf from some leftover fondant. β˜ƒοΈ

The final decorations to this cake was born from the idea of icicles that look like ice not the typical white icing. I had to play around with a different stages of candy making to find the right one that I could bend around the cake. Now that type of candy is the one to make your dentist have a conniption 😀 It’s the soft ball stage (I used a candy thermometer) and the candy is totally edible…once you pick it off your teeth πŸ™„ It’s a simple combination of water and sugar in a pot on the stove. Once it was at soft ball stage I poured lines across a silicone mat lined baking sheet and tilted the baking sheet to get drip lines. This has to be done fairly quick as the candy starts to harden and will no longer run down. 

For finishing touches, I wet the bottom tier of each cake and grabbed a handful of white sugar crystals and pressed them on…that was super messy! A sheet of parchment paper would’ve been very helpful, so I could’ve just picked it up and poured the fallen sugar back into a bowl to use again…ah the learning curve when you’re self taught (tiny sigh)

 I also sprinkled some white sugar crystals…I should really abbreviate that to WSC πŸ˜’…on top of the cake. If you haven’t guessed the WSC represent snow. If the cake is being taken to another location I would wait until it’s final destination to sprinkle the WSC on top…yet another learning moment…the wind blew off most of them between my car and the venue 😟 

Hope it all made sense or that you have a wicked imagination to follow along! 

My dad’s birthday was shortly after this so I’ll be posting the Vegetable Garden Cake I did soon 🌽πŸ₯•πŸ…

Until then keep it creative!


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