Chanel Bag Cake

“A girl should be two things: classy and fabulous” – Coco Chanel

And so should a cake! My cousin Leilah was turning 30 and her mom, my aunt, asked if I could do a cake for her. I always wanted to do a handbag cake and felt I was ready…when preparation meets opportunity…Oprah moment!!

The fondant makeup was one of the most funnest things I’ve ever made! Yes I know ‘funnest’ isn’t a word but I hang out with 3 monkeys 5 years old and under all day so I’m allowed 😜

The bag was carved out of an 8″ round 2 layer cake which I filled and crumb coated with buttercream frosting. I trimmed about 1″ off the top and 1 1/2″ off the bottom of the “bag” because your bag would roll off the cake board 😕

After covering the cake with white fondant, I wanted to created a quilted pattern. Well I don’t have an arsenal of fondant tools and embosser thingys, so I used a small square metal  cookie  cutter. Starting in the centre of the bag, I pressed the cutter into the fondant just enough to indent but not to cut through. Then I lined up one side of the cutter with one of indentation lines already made and continued until the front, back and sides were all quilted. As a finishing touch after the bag was completely assembled, I added silver balls in the corners of the squares made.

Next was the black piping…great for covering up imperfections of a first time cake bag maker. 🤐 I took some black fondant and was rolling it out trying to get uniform, consistent…pipes? No idea if that’s a handbag designer’s term but it’s mine! Then I came up with an idea and I went rummaging through the monkeys’ playroom bins. I finally found  my piping solution…cue the golden light from above and angels singing…The Play Doh extruder!!! (once again unsure about the term) You know the thing you put the clay in and push through and it comes out like spaghetti and has a template for different sizes. So I cleaned it out of any remanants and gave it an antibacterial wiping and then washed it. Once it was completely dry I put my fondant through and voila!! Perfect pipes!! I attached them on with a little water applied with my paintbrush and it looked awesome 😁

The flap is black fondant rolled out into a rectangle and I used an upside down round baking pan as a guide and used my pizza cutter on one side to get the rounded look. I took my stitching tool or you can butter knife to make “stitches” about 1/2″ in from the edge of the flap. Place the flap over the top of the bag. You can play with how long you want it to hang, for this bag I kept it pretty even on both sides. 

For the handle, a thick piece of black fondant rolled out and wrapped around a glass to shape the curve. Push a toothpick    halfway in each end of the handle so you can attach it to the rest of the bag securely when it’s time to assemble. Let it dry overnight in this position. Hmmmm I probably should have mentioned earlier this part is made in advance 😳 actually I do make many of the elements of my cakes in advance and store them in airtight containers separated by parchment paper. It makes the cake assembly day much smoother 😊

As for the logo, you could go with anything you like or a bow or leave it as is! If you would like to do a logo, print out the one you want to the size you need. I place my printout right out my rolled out fondant and using a pen (with the cover on) trace out the logo so it leaves an impression on the fondant. Then I remove the paper and cut out the logo with an exacto knife. If you wait about 10-15 minutes before you cut, it reduces the amount of tearing and gives a cleaner looking cut. I of course didn’t learn this little tip until after I made this cake…just keep learning, just keep learning 🎶

Phew!!! And that is the classy and fabulous Chanel bag 💃🏽

The fondant makeup I will post another time because this is a blog not an online book 🙃

Until next time…keep it creative!


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