Fondant Make up

How do you accessorize a Chanel Bag cake? With fondant make up of course! 

I’m not an expert in make up by any means…stay at home mom over here…BB cream and lip gloss if I’m feeling at home fancy πŸ™ƒ  Make up made out of fondant now that is something I do know very well.

This was super fun to make and if you can use cookie cutters then it’s relatively easy! The colours were pretty much chosen by whatever leftovers I had from previous creations and lucky for me they went very well together. 

Eyeshadow Palette

Roll out some black fondant, enough to make 2 squares and about 1/8″ thick. Using a square cookie cutter cut out the first square. Using a piping tip (big opening end) cut out 4 circles for the eyeshadow colours to go. With a brush dipped in a little water, lightly wet an area on the rolled out black fondant for the second square. Carefully lift the first square with the circle cutouts and place it on the damp fondant area. With the same square cookie cutter, cutout the second square (which is under the first square). This way the 2 squares are aligned perfectly πŸ€— 

For colours, roll out the different coloured fondant and using the same piping tip, cutout the circles and place them in the palette. I brushed a little silver luster dust on each colour to give that shimmer eyeshadow has in real life. Now how easy was that?! 

Foundation and Blush

Ok so I don’t really know if the correct thing is foundation or concealer but whatever it is that’s what it is πŸ˜’ And I also don’t know if it’s blush or bronzer so you do you and I’ll do me…foundation and blush 😏

Again using cookie cutters, roll out black fondant and cutout a square and a circle. For the foundation, cutout a slightly smaller inner circle and for the blush, cutout a slightly smaller square. Use the same method as the eyeshadow palette to make the base for each. Using the same slightly small cookie cutters, cutout a circle in beige fondant and a square in pink fondant. I used gold lustre dust for the shimmer on these palettes. Again easy peasy lemon squeasy πŸ™‚


Rolling a piece of black fondant wit my hands, I formed a cylinder the width of  an average lipstick. Flattening the bottom end on my table and slightly tapering it so it could stand on it’s own. Making another cylinder with a smaller piece of red fondant, I sliced off one end on an angle. I wrapped the other end with a thinly rolled out piece of gray fondant cut out into a small triangle and attached with a tiny bit of water. Again using a little water, I attached the red lipstick to the black piece. 

With some silver lustre dust mixed with a drop or two of lemon extract, I made an edible paint to brush on the gray part of the lipstick to give it a metallic look. Only after every was done do I realize perhaps I should have made the lipstick cover πŸ™„ 

Make up Brush

The handle is black fondant rolled into a fat medium size cylinder. The ends naturally round but I cut off one end so it’s flat. Using a small ball of grey fondant I made short cylinder the same width as the handle and I attached it to the flat end with a little water. I like a big brush head so I used rolled some beige fondant into a big ball and gradually tapered one end with a little rolling so it was like a rounded triangle if that makes sense πŸ€” and then attached on the grey fondant piece. 

The details on the brush made with a bamboo skewer that I dragged thru the beige fondant to make it look like bristles. On the grey fondant I used a pizza slicer to make the 3 lines. With some edible paint I gave the bristles a more realistic look. 

And that’s how to make edible make up! Although it’s usually kept as a keepsake πŸ™ƒ 

Until next time…keep it creative!


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