Easter Egg Cookie Boxes

Let the Easter baking begin! 

I love making treats for my little Crumbs and Easter provides me the perfect reason to go crazy with all the creations I have stocked up in my head for 3 months🤗

What could be better than Easter Egg cookies? Easter Egg Cookie Boxes filled with candy and chocolate!!!

These take a little time and patience (mostly for decorating) so if you have any of those to spare than these are a must!

The only cookie cutters you need are an egg and a small circle. You can use any sugar cookie recipe you like, vanilla or chocolate. Each cookie box is made up 4 cookies, so when deciding on a recipe just check how many cookies you’ll most likely get. For example the recipe I use makes approximately 36 cookies so I can make about 9 cookie boxes. 

Cut out all your cookies as the whole egg and bake them. 

As soon as they come out of the oven and are still on the baking sheet, cutout a circle in the lower half on the egg. Remember for every 2 whole egg cookies you need 2 egg cookies with the circle cutout. Don’t worry if your cookie cracks or breaks a little. The cookie is still soft so just close the crack or break up. See the pic below…small break that I just pushed closed with my fingers but be careful as the cookies are hot!

After you’ve made the cutouts leave the cookies on the baking sheet to cool a little before you move them to a rack (maybe about 5 min) to completely cool.

While you’re waiting for the cookies to cool, prepare your royal icing in whichever colours you like. I like pink, yellow, purple and white especially for Easter.

And now the assembling! Start with a full egg cookie and pipe royal icing all the way around the border. Next place a cut out egg cookie on top making sure you have the shapes of the two cookies lined up. Then pipe royal icing all the way around the cutout cookie and place another cut out cookie on top. You have completed the first cookie box!! The top (lid) cookie is not attached but you can decorated however you like. 

I did some with Easter coloured non-pareils super easy. To get a nice even coat of sprinkles, I place my freshly iced cookie in a bowl and pour the sprinkles all over. The cookie is completely covered and the sprinkles surround it until he bowl. Then pick up your cookie and tip it to let he excess sprinkles fall back in the bowl. If you want to get fancy with your piping, just look up some Easter egg colouring pages and you’ll find lots simple designs you can do. 

Fill you boxes with candies and chocolate and it’s a treat that keeps on giving because after the treats inside are done, the boxes can eaten too!!

More Easter treats to come so until next time…keep it creative!


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