Sesame Street Birthday Cake Challenge

I actually did this a couple weeks ago but completely forgot to blog it due to the constant brain farts I experience from lack of sleep! I’m convinced the monkeys have conjured up a secret plan to take turns on who will wake up 3 times a night on alternate weeks 😳
Ironically I’m writing this entry on my phone at 4:30 am as I have given up going back to sleep an hour ago and am sitting in the rocking chair in the monkeys’ room.

So now that I have had a lonely and small pity party for myself I can continue! Oh and prepare yourself because this might be a longer than usual entry due to everything being from scratch and a ton of creative juices that flowed in this masterpiece lol!

My cousin was throwing her daughter a 1st birthday party with a Sesame Street theme and I was to be making the cake for this once in a lifetime milestone event…no pressure!

As in a previous blog, I had done a pull apart cake for my monkeys 2nd birthday and thought I would do the same.

When I realized the number of guests I had to make a change as the pull apart cake would definitely not suffice.
So I called on my go to gal The Barefoot Contessa and decided to make her Birthday Sheet Cake. If you ever have to serve a lot of people (over 15 guests) this is the cake to make. It’s a sheet cake because its baked in a baking sheet so it’s big. I made her vanilla cake although she does have a chocolate recipe as well. I also made a vanilla buttercream instead of her chocolate buttercream as prefer a light background 😊

I googled Sesame Street printables and found Elmo and Cookie Monster and printed out the characters. They were the perfect size for the cake so I didn’t have to fidget with size yay!

I taped the printed sheets to my countertop and then secured parchment paper over top and using piping gel traced out the printables. I then transferred them onto the cake’s divine buttercream frosting that had set overnight.

The Sesame Street sign I free handed along with the name and words. Now the ‘Happy Birthday’ came out a little wonky because it is extremely challenging to keep a steady hand with 2 monkeys using your legs as a jungle gym!! 😁😁😁😁

I’m such a ‘from scratch’ kinda gal that I do the insane task of making my own icing colours…except red and black because I’m not certifiably insane!

I think I’ve kept you from the rest of your life long enough so here’s the final result…


I was so happy with the pop the primary colours gave and the taste was awesome if I do say so myself –toot toot! Actually the final cake had red sugar crystals that I sprinkled over the white part but I forgot to take a picture 😳 It gave it a funner look ☺

I left it in the baking sheet for fear that I would totally screw up the transfer so I just used parchment paper as a last minute cover up of the handle thingies of the baking sheet.

Keep it creative and I will not be committing to another cake of this labour magnitude until the monkeys are old enough to clean up my baking and decorating aftermath 😉